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Using Academic Writer

This guide will show students and faculty the basics of using Academic Writer.

Account Creation, Access & Browsers

Academic Writer provides teaching and learning resources to guide students, faculty, and researchers through all the stages of researching, writing, and research papers and citations in education, psychology, and the other social sciences. Included are tutorials, paper-writing templates, style manuals, and journal publication information. More information on Academic Writer's resources can be found here

To use Academic Writer fully, students and faculty must first create a personal account at the Academic Writer website. Whether you are at an on-campus or an off-campus computer, you must use the following link to be identified as a Piedmont College user. If you're off-campus, you cannot go to directly to the Academic Writer website and start account creation there.

  1. If you're off-campus you will be asked to identify yourself with your single sign-on username and password (this prompt will not appear if you're on-campus). 
  2. When Academic Writer opens, look at the upper right of the screen. Click on Welcome and then click on Log In.
  3. At the next page, look underneath Log in with your Academic Writer Account and click the Create an Account link.
  4. On the profile creation page, the required fields are first name, last name, email, and username and password. Use Only a Piedmont College email in the email field to create your account. 
  5. The Library suggests you choose your College email as your username. Your Academic Writer password is also your choice, but the Library suggests using your single sign-on password, for your own convenience. 
  6. Click Create Account and you have created your Academic Writer account.
  7. With your account created, you can link to Academic Writer from the links embedded in the Library's Online Research pages, any of the Library Guides, and you will be able to access embedded Academic Writer materials from within Canvas.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to note that you should use only these web browsers when working in Academic Writer: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You should not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

FACULTY, when writing the Academic Writer link into a document or embedding a link to the service in a Canvas page or any other webpage, you should use the link shown above and no other form of it.

If you would like to embed an Academic Writer page or module directly into Canvas, please contact one of the Library's staff for help doing so.