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Resources & Services for Off-Campus Users

Software and Technology Needs

The following software each have mobile apps available through the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).


Is going to to be your main hub for attending online classes. This is where syllabi, assignments, schedules, etc can be accessed. Likely you will be logging into this service multiple times a day. Use this to stay up to date on your classes.


Be sure to check your email daily, if not multiple times a day. Software for Microsoft products can be downloaded through Office 365, accessed by the menu in the top left corner in Outlook online or through links provided below.


One Drive is cloud-based storage offered through your Office 365 subscription. Use this to store, share, and upload important files.

You may access OneDrive through Office 365 online, or you may download the app for both your computer and mobile device through Office 365 or the appropriate app store. Because this is cloud-based storage, downloading of the software is not required, but may prove to be more convenient.


Through your Office 365 login, not only do you have acccess to online version of the Office Suite, but you also can download the full version to your computer.


Zoom is our academic video conferencing service that will allow professors and students to connect real-time for synchronous instruction. Sessions may also be recorded for asynchronous use. Zoom allows for participants to share screens for presentations, etc.

Zoom Download Center has information on how to get necesary software and also links to the Mobile App (available in both Google Play and The App Store as well).  

Piedmont College Mobile App

Download and log into the the Piedmont College Mobile App to stay up to date on News and alerts. Here are direct links in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Further Resources

More in-depth technology guidelines can be found here.

Also refer to our Helpful Links guide for these and other services.