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Working Online

This LibGuide answers many frequently asked questions about how to have the best experience when accessing and working with online materials.

What is Interlibrary Loan?

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service is a way of borrowing materials from a library anywhere in the state, or country to provide Piedmont College students, staff and faculty with library materials not available through our catalog or electronically in our current databases. Please ask our librarians for assistance to find all the resources readily available before using interlibrary loan.

Is there a fee for borrowing material?

There is no fee for borrowing material if you are a current registered student, staff or faculty member. However, if we mail a book to a user, we ask the user to pay the return postage to return it to the Library. That is the only case for an interlibrary loan charge.  

How will I know when my book is available and where I can pick it up? 

When your book arrives, we will promptly e-mail you one per request received. Demorest and Athens users can pick up ILL books at the Arrendale Library or the Athens Campus library during library hours.

How will I know when my journal article is available and how do I retrieve it?

When we receive a journal article, we immediately scan it to a PDF and e-mail that file to you.

What can I borrow?

In general, you can borrow books, book chapters, and journal articles not currently found in our library resource collection.

What types of materials can I not borrow?

  • Textbooks required for current classes
  • entire volumes of journals
  • "rare" materials
  • oversized and bulky materials
  • fragile materials
  • basic reference materials
  • video and audio materials

For more information visit our ILL Page.