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Working at Other Libraries

Piedmont College students have many options about working at, or borrowing books from, other college and university libraries in Georgia. This guide describes those options.

University of Georgia Libraries

Book Borrowing at UGA for Students

All Piedmont College undergraduate and graduate students have book-borrowing privileges at the University of Georgia Libraries. After the end of the Drop/Add period at beginning of every semester, the Library sends the UGA Library a list of all currently registered students. 

A student's book borrowing privileges last only for one semester at a time. Each succeeding semester, a student must return to the Access Services Office to have their privileges renewed.

Students must go to the Main Library at UGA to receive their borrower's card at the Access Services Department. UGA borrowing privileges include borrowing from the Main Library (Main's hours & directions), the Science Library (Science's hours & directions), and from the Curriculum Materials and Juvenile Literature Collections in Aderholt Hall (Curriculum Materials' hours & directions).

These privileges allow Piedmont College students to borrow books, but do not extend to other library services that UGA provides its students, such as interlibrary loan, use of GIL Express, or use of the online research services provided by UGA. Piedmont College students have access to their own suite of online research services and to interlibrary loan through this website.

Book Borrowing at UGA for Faculty

All full-time faculty of Piedmont College also have book-borrowing privileges at UGA Libraries. The Library sends a list of current faculty to UGA at the beginning of every academic year, and faculty privileges last through the end of the College's contract year, July 31. Other provisions of faculty book-borrowing privileges at UGA are identical to the provisions for students discussed above.

Before You Go ... 

Before your first visit, it's a good idea to call ahead at the UGA Access Services Department and make sure that your name has reached them. Their phone number is 706-542-3256. If your name isn't on the current list or if the list has expired, you can contact the staff at the Arrendale Library or for assistance.

University of Georgia Libraries Website

University of Georgia Libraries Online Catalog

  • You can search the catalog before you visit to locate materials that may be of interest.

UGA Libraries -- Directions & Parking