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Working at Other Libraries

Piedmont College students have many options about working at, or borrowing books from, other college and university libraries in Georgia. This guide describes those options.

Kennesaw State University Library

Members of education cohorts within easy driving distance of Kennesaw, Georgia, should take advantage of the book-borrowing privileges available to Piedmont graduate students at the Horace W. Sturgis Library of Kennesaw State University.

Not long after the beginning of every semester, the Library sends the Kennesaw State University Library a list of all graduate students who have fully completed registration and been formally accepted as students of Piedmont College in one of the cohort programs. These borrowing privileges last only for the duration of each semester.

We suggest that you call ahead to the KSU Circulation Office to make sure your name has reached them before you go the first time. Their phone is 770-423-6202.

Sturgis Library Website

Directions to KSU and Campus Maps

Sturgis Library Online Catalog