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Center for Teaching & Learning

Dr. Ken O'Donnell on High-Impact Practices

The Center for Teaching & Learning is very grateful to Dr. Ken O'Donnell for allowing us to share this video of his presentation at Piedmont College on September 28, 2016.

For more about Dr. O'Donnell and his work, take a look at his website Diffusion of Light.

Dr. Jonathan Pilkington

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Dr. Jonathan Pilkington of the Department of Music at Piedmont College gave a lecture/demonstration sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Pilkington received a grant from the CTL to attend a conference for professional development in the teaching of voice and singing, his specialty. The CTL asks grant recipients to present a lecture or other presentation about their experience and these videos are the recording of Dr. Pilkington's presentation.

To view, you will have to login using your Piedmont College Single Sign-on Username and Password.

Part 1 (10:00 min)
Part 2, (10:00 min.)
Part 3 (10:00 min.)
Part 4, (10:00 min.)
Part 5, (10:00 min.)
Part 6, (1:00 min.)