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New Library Materials Added During the Current Year

New Library Materials Month by Month

All new circulating books, reference books, videos, music scores, and sound recordings are shown in these lists by the month added to the MAYFLOWER.  These lists include items at both the Arrendale Library, Demorest, and the Lane Library, Athens.

If you click on the hyperlinked call numbers in the lists, MAYFLOWER will open in a new window to the full item record so you can see more details, such as where the title is located and whether it's already checked out or on the shelf and available.

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New Library Materials

April 2018
156 Titles Added

A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
BF241 .S645 2015 eb
Sousanis, Nick.
Unflattening / Nick Sousanis.
BF575 .F66 Y35 2015
Yalom, Marilyn.
The social sex : a history of female friendship / Marilyn Yalom with Theresa Donovan Brown.
First edition.
BJ1063 .B38213 2015
Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986, author.
[Pour une morale de l'ambiguèitâe. English]
The ethics of ambiguity / Simone de Beauvoir ; translated from the French by Bernard Frechtman.
BX2182.3 .O35 2013
O'Connor, Flannery.
A prayer journal / Flannery O'Connor ; edited and with an introduction by W.A. Sessions.
First Edition
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CB206 .C45 2018
The Celtic world / Professor Jennifer Paxton
CR4743 .J66 2017
Jones, Dan, 1981- author.
The Templars : the rise and spectacular fall of God's holy warriors / Dan Jones.
CT3207 W67 2018
Woodward, Kay, author.
What would she do? : 25 true stories of trailblazing rebel women / Kay Woodward ; illustrated by Andrew Archer and Kelly Thompson.
First edtion.
D:  History (Europe & World)
D767.2 .F73 1999
Frank, Richard B.
Downfall : the end of the Imperial Japanese Empire / Richard B. Frank.
New York : Random House, 1999.
D767.25 .H6 M23 2004
Maddox, Robert James.
Weapons for victory : the Hiroshima decision / Robert James Maddox.
Columbia : University of Missouri Press, 2004, Ã1995.
D767.25 .H6 M26 2010
Malloy, Sean L. (Sean Langdon), 1972-
Atomic tragedy : Henry L. Stimson and the decision to use the bomb against Japan / Sean L. Malloy.
Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press ; Bristol : University Presses Marketing [distributor], 2010, Ã2008.
D767.25 .H6 M47 2011
Miscamble, Wilson D., 1953-
The most controversial decision : Truman, the atomic bombs, and the defeat of Japan / Wilson D. Miscamble.
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
D769.2 .A5 1995
Alperovitz, Gar.
The decision to use the atomic bomb and the architecture of an American myth / Gar Alperovitz, with assistance of Sanho Tree [and others].
1st ed.
New York : Knopf, 1995.
D769.348 555 th .S76 2013
Stone, Tanya Lee.
Courage has no color : the true story of the Triple Nickles : America's first Black paratroopers / Tanya Lee Stone.
First edition.
D804.47 .W39 2017
Waxman, Zoèe, author.
Women in the Holocaust : a feminist history / Zoèe Waxman.
First edition.
DA910 .C66 I75 2016
The Irish identity : independence, history, and literature / Professor Marc C. Conner.
DS116 .S395 2013
Schama, Simon, author.
The story of the Jews / Simon Schama.
First U.S. edition.
DS149 .H514
Herzl, Theodor, 1860-1904.
[Judenstaat. English]
The Jewish state : an attempt at a modern solution of the Jewish question / by Theodor Herzl ; biography, based on the work of Alex Bein ; introduction by Louis Lipsky.
[New York] : American Zionist Emergency Council, [1946]
E:  History (U.S.)
E185.86 .J47 2018
Jerkins, Morgan, author.
[Essays. Selections]
This will be my undoing : living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America / Morgan Jerkins.
First edition.
E185.97 .D53 A3 2018
Dias, Marley (Marley Emerson), author.
Marley Dias gets it done : and so can you! / by Marley Dias, with Siobhan McGowan ; introduction by Ava DuVernay.
First edition.
E668 .R4245 2018
Reconstruction : voices from America's first great struggle for racial equality / Brooks D. Simpson, editor.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F69 .R43 E35 2011
Edwards, Roberta.
Who was Paul Revere? / by Roberta Edwards ; illustrated by John O'Brien.
New York : Grosset & Dunlap, Ã2011.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
GE42 .C37 2018
Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964, author.
[Works. Selections]
Silent spring & other writings on the environment / Rachel Carson ; Sandra Steingraber, editor.
GT4905 .L57 2017
Loh-Hagan, Virginia, author.
PoPo's lucky Chinese New Year / written by Virginia Loh-Hagan ; illustrated by Rennâe Benoit.
GV1469.32 .C67 2016
Cornell, Kari A.
Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto / Kari Cornell.
GV885 .B347 2018
Basketball : great writing about America's game / Alexander Wolff, editor ; with a foreword by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HQ1121 .M867 2018
Morris, Bonnie J., 1961- author.
The feminist revolution : the struggle for women's liberation / Bonnie J. Morris and D-M Withers ; foreword by Roxane Gay.
HQ115 .S45 2017
Selling sex in the city : a global history of prostitution, 1600s-2000s / edited by Magaly Rodrâiguez Garcâia, Lex Heerma van Voss, Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk.
Millett, Kate, author.
Sexual politics / Kate Millett; foreward by Catherine A. MacKinnon; afterward by Rebecca Mead.
New York : Columbia University Press, Ã2016.
HQ1154 .E77 2007
The essential feminist reader / edited and with an introduction by Estelle B. Freedman.
1st ed.
New York : Modern Library, 2007.
HQ1155 .B42 2017
Beard, Mary, 1955- author.
[Essays. Selections]
Women & power : a manifesto / Mary Beard.
First American edition.
HQ1155 .S664 2017
Sollâee, Kristen J., author.
Witches, sluts, feminists : conjuring the sex positive / Kristen J. Sollâee ; illustrations by Coz Conover.
HQ1180 .L38 2015
Launius, Christie, author.
Threshold concepts in women's and gender studies : ways of seeing, thinking, and knowing / Christie Launius and Holly Hassel.
HQ1190 .M355 2016
Marinucci, Mimi, author.
Feminism is queer : the intimate connection between queer and feminist theory / Mimi Marinucci.
Second edition.
HQ1206 .C5185 2017
Chocano, Carina, author.
[Essays. Selections]
You play the girl : on Playboy bunnies, Stepford wives, train wrecks, and other mixed messages / Carina Chocano.
HQ1208 .B352 2011
Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986.
[Deuxiáeme sexe. English]
The second sex / Simone de Beauvoir ; translated by Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier ; with an introduction by Judith Thurman.
New York : Vintage, 2011.
HQ1233 .M36 2018
Manne, Kate, author.
Down girl : the logic of misogyny / Kate Manne.
HQ1413 .C67 C67 2018
Cooper, Brittney C., 1980- author.
Eloquent rage : a black feminist discovers her superpower / Brittney Cooper.
First edition.
HQ1413 .V35 A3 2016
Valenti, Jessica, author.
Sex object : a memoir / Jessica Valenti.
First edition.
HQ1420 .F38 1994
Feminism in our time : the essential writings, World War II to the present / edited with an introduction and commentaries by Miriam Schneir.
1st ed.
New York : Vintage Books, 1994.
HQ1426 .H689 2017
How we get free : Black feminism and the Combahee River Collective / edited and introduced by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor.
HQ21 .D88 2007
Dworkin, Andrea, author.
Intercourse : the twentieth anniversary edition / Andrea Dworkin ; [foreword by Ariel Levy].
1st Basic books edition.
Twentieth anniversary edition.
New York : BasicBooks, 2007.
HQ27 .W33 2017
Wade, Lisa (Professor), author.
American hookup : the new culture of sex on campus / Lisa Wade.
First edition.
HQ766.5 .U5 B73 2017
Briggs, Laura, 1964- author.
How all politics became reproductive politics : from welfare reform to foreclosure to Trump / Laura Briggs.
HQ77.9 .S77 2017
Stryker, Susan, author.
Transgender history : the roots of today's revolution / Susan Stryker.
Second edition.
HV6556 .H37 2015
Harding, Kate, 1975- author.
Asking for it : the alarming rise of rape culture--and what we can do about it / Kate Harding.
First Da Capo Press edition.
HV6558 .P45 2017
Phillips, Nickie D., author.
Beyond blurred lines : rape culture in popular media / Nickie D. Phillips.
HV6561 .M554 2018
Miller, T. Christian, author.
A false report : a true story of rape in America / T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong.
First edition.
J:  Political Science
JK1896 .W45 2018
Weiss, Elaine F., 1952- author.
The woman's hour : the great fight to win the vote / Elaine Weiss.
K:  Law
K3243 .G55 2017
Gilmore, Leigh, 1959- author.
Tainted witness : why we doubt what women say about their lives / Leigh Gilmore.
KF1262 .Z54 2018
Ziegler, Mary, 1982- author.
Beyond abortion : Roe v. Wade and the battle for privacy / Mary Ziegler.
L:  Education
LB1031 .K345 2017
Kallick, Bena, author.
Students at the center : personalized learning with habits of mind / Bena Kallick, Allison Zmuda, foreword by Arthur L. Costa.
LB1034 .S66 2005
Spiegel, Dixie Lee, 1942-
Classroom discussion : strategies for engaging all students, building higher-level thinking skills, and strengthening reading and writing across the curriculum / by Dixie Lee Spiegel.
New York : Scholastic, Ã2005.
LB1525 .W175 2017
Walpole, Sharon, author.
How to plan differentiated reading instruction : resources for grades K-3 / Sharon Walpole, Michael C. McKenna.
Second edition.
LB1573 .S471 2012
Shea, Mary (Mary E.)
Running records : authentic instruction in early childhood education / Mary Shea.
New York : Routledge, 2012.
LC214.2 .T66 2014
Tonatiuh, Duncan, author.
Separate is never equal : Sylvia Mendez & her family's fight for desegregation / Duncan Tonatiuh.
M:  Music
N:  Fine Arts
N6549.5 .A54 D74 2014
Dreaming in Indian : contemporary Native American voices / edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale.
P:  Language & Literature
P120 .N37 R48 2017
Rivett, Sarah, author.
Unscripted America : indigenous languages and the origins of a literary nation / Sarah Rivett.
P94.5 .W65 D69 2016
Doyle, Sady, author.
Trainwreck : the women we love to hate, mock, and fear ... and why / Sady Doyle.
P96 .S45 O45 2016
Oliver, Kelly, 1958- author.
Hunting girls : sexual violence from the hunger games to campus rape / Kelly Oliver.
PG3326 .D8 2005
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
[Dvoæinik. English]
The double ; and, the gambler / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky ; with an introduction by Richard Pevear.
New York : Everyman's Library : Distributed by Random House, Ã2005.
PG3326 .P5 2003
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
[Podrostok. English]
The adolescent / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2003.
PG3326 .P7 1993b
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
[Prestuplenie i nakazanie. English]
Crime and punishment / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky ; with an introduction by W.J. Leatherbarrow.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, Ã1993.
PG3476 .N3 Z48 2015
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977.
Letters to Vâera / Vladimir Nabokov ; edited and translated by Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd.
First American edition.
PN2270 .F43 W58 2003
Witham, Barry, 1939-
The Federal Theatre Project : a case study / Barry B. Witham.
Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
PN4874 .W425 A3 2016
West, Lindy, author.
Shrill : notes from a loud woman / Lindy West.
First edition.
PN6120.2 .F58 2015
Flash fiction international : very short stories from around the world / edited by James Thomas, Robert Shapard, Christopher Merrill.
First edition.
PN6727 .K2745 P67 2018
Kaplan, Zack, author.
Port of Earth. Vol. 1 / Zack Kaplan, writer ; Andrea Mutti, artist ; Vladimir Popov, colorist ; Troy Peteri, letterer.
PQ2286 .B45 2017
Bellos, David, author.
The novel of the century : the extraordinary adventure of Les Misâerables / David Bellos.
First American edition.
PQ2603 .E362 F413 1987
Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986.
[Femme rompue. English]
The woman destroyed / Simone de Beauvoir ; translated from the French by Patrick O'Brien.
New York, NY : Pantheon Books, Ã1987.
PQ2603 .E362 Z4713 1985
Beauvoir, Simone de, 1908-1986.
[Mort tráes douce. English]
A very easy death / Simone de Beauvoir ; translated from the French by Patrick O'Brian.
1st Pantheon paperback ed.
New York : Pantheon, Ã1985.
PR4038 .I52 L66 2017
Looser, Devoney, 1967- author.
The making of Jane Austen / Devoney Looser.
PR4038 .P6 K38 2017
Kelly, Helena, 1981- author.
Jane Austen, the secret radical / Helena Kelly.
First American edition.
PR4168 .H27 2016
Harman, Claire, author.
Charlotte Brontèe : a fiery heart / Claire Harman.
First edition.
PR4809 .H15 P37 2017
Parker, Peter, 1954- author.
Housman country : into the heart of England / Peter Parker.
First American edition.
PR5823 .F74 2014
Friedman, David M., 1949- author.
Wilde in America : Oscar Wilde and the invention of modern celebrity / David M. Friedman.
First edition.
PR591 .O94 2015
The Oxford handbook of Victorian poetry / edited by Matthew Bevis.
PR595 .W6 L67 2017
Lootens, Tricia A., author.
The political poetess : Victorian femininity, race, and the legacy of separate spheres / Tricia Lootens.
PR6005 .L36 A615 2016
Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008, author.
2001 : a space odyssey / Arthur C. Clarke ; series introduction by Neil Gaiman.
PR6005 .O4 Z7475 2017
Jasanoff, Maya, 1974- author.
The dawn watch : Joseph Conrad in a global world / Maya Jasanoff.
PR6045 .H2 O5 2016
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury), 1906-1964, author.
The once and future king / T.H. White ; series introduction by Neil Gaiman.
PR6051 .M5 A6 2018
Amis, Martin, author.
[Essays. Selections]
The rub of time : Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump : essays and reportage, 1994-2017 / Martin Amis.
First edition.
PR858 .F45 R48 2002
Revising women : eighteenth-century "women's fiction" and social engagement / edited by Paula R. Backscheider.
Johns Hopkins pbk. ed.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002.
PR871 .O96 2016
The Oxford handbook of the Victorian novel / edited by Lisa Rodensky.
PR878 .R4 J34 2016
Jaffe, Audrey, author.
The Victorian novel dreams of the real : conventions and ideology / Audrey Jaffe.
PR9185.6 .I5 H37 2017
Hargreaves, Allison, 1981- author.
Violence against Indigenous women : literature, activism, resistance / Allison Hargreaves.
PS1305 .L48 2015
Levy, Andrew, 1962- author.
Huck Finn's America : Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece / Andrew Levy.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
PS151 .D43 2018
Dean, Michelle, 1979- author.
Sharp : the women who made an art of having an opinion / Michelle Dean.
First edition.
First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition.
PS1541 .Z5 M483 2016
Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886, author.
Emily Dickinson's poems : as she preserved them / edited by Cristanne Miller.
PS1541 .Z5 P584 2017
Pollak, Vivian R., author.
Our Emily Dickinsons : American women poets and the intimacies of difference / Vivian R. Pollak.
PS166 .G84 2017
Gunn, Giles B., author.
The pragmatist turn : religion, the Enlightenment, and the formation of American literature / Giles Gunn.
PS169 .T47 H87 2015
Hurh, Paul, author.
American terror : the feeling of thinking in Edwards, Poe, and Melville / Paul Hurh.
PS185 .O94 2008
The Oxford handbook of early American literature / edited by Kevin J. Hayes.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.
PS1888 .J6
Johnson, Claudia Durst, 1938-
The productive tension of Hawthorne's art / Claudia D. Johnson.
University, Ala. : University of Alabama Press, Ã1981.
PS201 .D39 2007
Davis, Theo.
Formalism, experience, and the making of American literature in the nineteenth century / Theo Davis.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, Ã2007.
PS201 .O94 2012
The Oxford handbook of nineteenth-century American literature / edited by Russ Castronovo.
New York : Oxford University Press, Ã2012.
PS2017 .H47 2004
Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910.
The hermaphrodite / Julia Ward Howe ; edited and with an introduction by Gary Williams.
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, Ã2004.
PS2123 .G68 2012
Gorra, Michael Edward.
Portrait of a novel : Henry James and the making of an American masterpiece / Michael Gorra.
1st ed.
New York : Liveright Pub. Corporation, Ã2012.
PS217 .A35 D38 2016
Davis, Theo, author.
Ornamental aesthetics : the poetry of attending in Thoreau, Dickinson, and Whitman / Theo Davis.
PS217 .C58 H57 2016
A history of American Civil War literature / edited by Coleman Hutchison, University of Texas, Austin.
PS225 .P26 2006
The Paris review : interviews / with an introduction by Philip Gourevitch.
1st ed.
New York : Picador : Distributed by Holtzbrinck Publishers, 2006-
PS261 .P83 2016
Pugh, Tison, author.
Precious perversions : humor, homosexuality, and the Southern literary canon / Tison Pugh.
PS261 .R58 2016
Rough South, rural South : region and class in recent southern literature / edited by Jean W. Cash and Keith Perry.
PS3053 .W28 2017
Walls, Laura Dassow, author.
Henry David Thoreau : a life / Laura Dassow Walls.
PS314 .W45 2018
Wells, Colin, 1965- author.
Poetry wars : verse and politics in the American Revolution and early republic / Colin Wells.
PS3203 .N68 2014
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892.
[Works. Selections. 2014]
Walt Whitman's selected journalism / edited by Douglas A. Noverr and Jason Stacy.
PS3222 .L54 2017
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892, author.
Life and adventures of Jack Engle : an auto-biography : a story of New York at the present time in which the reader will find some familiar characters / Walt Whitman ; with an introduction by Zachary Turpin.
PS3515 .E288 S88 2016
Heinlein, Robert A. (Robert Anson), 1907-1988, author.
Stranger in a strange land / Robert A. Heinlein ; series introduction by Neil Gaiman.
PS3515 .E37 Z5849 2017
Dearborn, Mary V., author.
Ernest Hemingway : a biography / Mary V. Dearborn.
First edition.
PS3515 .E37 Z643 2016
Hutchisson, James M., author.
Ernest Hemingway : a new life / James M. Hutchisson.
PS3515 .E37 Z9166 2017
Wagner-Martin, Linda, author.
Hemingway's wars : public and private battles / Linda Wagner-Martin.
PS3523 .O833 Z515 2016
The age of Lovecraft / Carl H. Sederholm and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, editors ; foreword by Ramsey Campbell ; afterword, interview with China Miâeville.
PS3523 .O833 Z838 2016
Poole, W. Scott, 1971- author.
In the mountains of madness : the life and extraordinary afterlife of H.P. Lovecraft / W. Scott Poole.
PS3525 .A4152 A6 2018
Mailer, Norman.
[Works. Selections]
Norman Mailer : four books of the 1960s / J. Michael Lennon, editor.
PS3525 .A4152 A65 2018
Mailer, Norman, author.
[Essays. Selections]
Collected essays of the 1960s / Norman Mailer ; J. Michael Lennon, editor.
PS3545 .E6 Z845 2016
Pollack, Harriet, author.
Eudora Welty's fiction and photography : the body of the other woman / Harriet Pollack.
PS3545 .I342 Z6455 2017
Fraser, Caroline, author.
Prairie fires : the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder / Caroline Fraser.
First edition.
PS3552 .E75 A6 2018
Berry, Wendell, 1934- author.
[Works. Selections]
Wendell Berry : Port William novels & stories : the Civil War to World War II / Jack Shoemaker, editor.
PS3554 .I33 Z57 2015
Daugherty, Tracy, author.
The last love song : a biography of Joan Didion / Tracy Daugherty.
First edition.
PS3557 .I2264 N48 2016
Gibson, William, 1948- author.
Neuromancer / William Gibson ; series introduction by Neil Gaiman.
PS3558 .E63 D8 2016
Herbert, Frank, author.
Dune / Frank Herbert ; series introduction by Neil Gaiman.
PS3558 .I366 A6 1999
Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995.
The talented Mr. Ripley ; Ripley under ground ; Ripley's game / Patricia Highsmith.
New York : Everyman's Library : Distributed by Random House, 1999.
PS3562 .E42 A6 2016b
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-2018, author.
[Works. Selections]
Words are my matter : writings about life and books, 2000-2016 with a journal of a writer's week / Ursula K. Le Guin.
First edition.
PS3562 .E42 L39 2016
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-2018, author.
The left hand of darkness / Ursula K. Le Guin ; series introduction by Neil Gaiman.
PS3562 .E55 A6 2018
Leonard, Elmore, 1925-2013, author.
[Novels. Selections]
Westerns / Elmore Leonard ; Terrence Rafferty, editor.
PS3562 .O75 Z23x 1982b
Lorde, Audre.
Zami, a new spelling of my name / Audre Lorde.
First edition.
PS3563 .U764 A6 2018
Murray, Albert, author.
[Works. Selections]
Collected novels & poems : Train whistle guitar ; The spyglass tree ; The seven league boots ; The magic keys ; Poems / Albert Murray ; Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Paul Devlin, editors.
PS3565 .C57 Z789 2016
Moran, Daniel, 1968- author.
Creating Flannery O'Connor : her critics, her publishers, her readers / Daniel Moran.
PS3569 .T9 A6 2015
Styron, William, 1925-2006, author.
[Essays. Selections]
My generation : collected nonfiction / William Styron ; edited by James L.W. West III.
First edition.
PS3607 .A985725 A6 2017
Gay, Roxane, author.
[Short stories. Selections]
Difficult women / Roxane Gay.
First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition.
PS3613 .A8484 R43 2018
Matthews, Jason, 1951- author.
Red sparrow : a novel / Jason Matthews.
Scribner trade paperback edition.
PS374 .G58 B66 2018
Bone, Martyn, 1974- author.
Where the new world is : literature about the U.S. South at global scales / Martyn Bone.
PS374 .P8 L45 2017
Leise, Christopher, 1978- author.
The story upon a hill : the Puritan myth in contemporary American fiction / Christopher Leise.
PS374 .R37 P55 2017
Polley, Diana Hope, 1970- author.
Echoes of Emerson : rethinking realism in Twain, James, Wharton, and Cather / Diana Hope Polley.
PS374 .S68 S53 2017
Shapiro, Joe 1981- author.
The illiberal imagination : class and the rise of the U.S. novel / Joe Shapiro.
PS379 .M496 2017
Mitchell, Lee Clark, 1947- author.
Mere reading : the poetics of wonder in modern American novels / Lee Clark Mitchell.
PT2621 .A26 Z88413 2017
Stach, Reiner, author.
[Kafka, die frèuhen Jahre. English]
Kafka, the early years / Reiner Stach ; translated by Shelley Frisch.
PT2621 .A26 Z88613 2013
Stach, Reiner, author.
[Kafka, die Jahre der Entscheidungen. English]
Kafka, the decisive years / Reiner Stach ; translated from the German by Shelley Frisch.
PT2621 .A26 Z886313 2013
Stach, Reiner.
[Kafka, die Jahre der Erkenntnis. English]
Kafka, the years of insight / Reiner Stach ; translated by Shelley Frisch.
PZ7 .A73517 Boy 2017
Arnold, Elana K., author.
A boy called Bat / written by Elana K. Arnold ; with pictures by Charles Santoso.
First edition.
PZ7 .P3725 Lov 2018
de la Peäna, Matt, author.
Love / Matt de la Peäna ; [illustrated by] Loren Long.
PZ7 .P3725 Mig 2017
de la Peäna, Matt, author.
Miguel and the grand harmony / Matt de la Peäna ; illustrated by Ana Ramâirez.
First hardcover edition.
Q:  Science
QA10.5 .S74 2017
Steele, Michael D. (Michael David), author.
Taking action : implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in grades 6-8 / Margaret S. Smith, University of Pittsburgh, series editor ; Michael D. Steele, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ; Mary Lynn Raith, Pittsburgh Public Schools (Retired).
QA13 .B38 2017
Battista, Michael T., author.
Reasoning and sense making in the mathematics classroom, grades 3-5 / Michael T. Battista, series editor, the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
QA135.6 .B67 2017
Boston, Melissa, author.
Taking action : implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in grades 9-12 / Melissa Boston, Duquesne University [and three others].
QA135.6 .C6464 2018
The common core mathematics companion : the standards decoded, high school : what they say, what they mean, how to teach them / Frederick L. Dillon [and three others].
QA135.6 .G635 2015
Gojak, Linda.
The common core mathematics companion : the standards decoded, grades K-2 : what they say, what they mean, how to teach them / Linda M. Gojak, Ruth Harbin Miles ; series creator: Jim Burke.
QA135.6 .G65 2016
Gojak, Linda M.
The common core mathematics companion : the standards decoded, grades 3-5 / Linda M. Gojak, Ruth Harbin Miles.
QA135.6 .H846 2017
Huinker, DeAnn, author.
Taking action : implementing effective mathematics teaching practices in K-grade 5 / DeAnn Huinker, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Victoria Bill, Institute for Learning, University of Pittsburgh.
QA135.6 .M546 2016
Miles, Ruth Harbin.
The common core mathematics companion : the standards decoded, grades 6-8 : what they say, what they mean, how to teach them / Ruth Harbin Miles, Lois A. Williams.
QA135.6 .W588 2016
Witzel, Bradley S.
Teaching elementary mathematics to struggling learners / Bradley S. Witzel, Mary E. Little.
QA20 .I53 C63 2017
Codding, Robin S., author.
Effective math interventions : a guide to improving whole-number knowledge / Robin S. Codding, Robert J. Volpe, Brian C. Poncy.
QA9.54 .R43 2016
Reasoning and sense making in the mathematics classroom, pre-K-grade 2 / Michael T. Battista, series editor, the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
RA777.8 .W448 2017
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892, author.
[Essays. Selections]
Manly health and training : to teach the science of a sound and beautiful body / Walt Whitman.
First Regan Arts hardcover edition.
RJ506 .A33 H655 2017
Gimpel Peacock, Gretchen, author.
Emotional and behavioral problems of young children : effective interventions in the preschool and kindergarten years / Melissa L. Holland, Jessica Malmberg, Gretchen Gimpel Peacock.
Second edition.
S:  Agriculture
SB63 .C46 H66 2005
Holub, Joan.
Who was Johnny Appleseed? / by Joan Holub ; illustrated by Anna DiVito.
New York : Grosset & Dunlap, Ã2005.
T:  Technology
U:  Military Science
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science