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New Library Materials Added During the Current Year

New Library Materials Month by Month

All new circulating books, reference books, videos, music scores, and sound recordings are shown in these lists by the month added to the MAYFLOWER.  These lists include items at both the Arrendale Library, Demorest, and the Lane Library, Athens.

If you click on the hyperlinked call numbers in the lists, MAYFLOWER will open in a new window to the full item record so you can see more details, such as where the title is located and whether it's already checked out or on the shelf and available.

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New Library Materials

August 2019
71 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
BF1031 .W722 2008
Wilson, Colin, 1931-2013.
Beyond the occult : twenty years' research into the paranormal / Colin Wilson.
London : Watkins, 2008.
BF1408.2 .P37 C37 2004
Carter, John.
Sex and rockets : the occult world of Jack Parsons / John Carter ; introduction by Robert Anton Wilson.
New ed.
Los Angeles, Calif. : Feral House ; London : Turnaround [distributor], 2004.
BF1591 .M344 2015
Magic and ritual in the ancient world / edited by Paul Mirecki and Marvin Meyer.
BF1598 .D5 L68 2018
Louv, Jason, author.
John Dee and the empire of angels : Enochian magick and the occult roots of the modern world / Jason Louv.
BF1623 .E55 D45 2003
Dee, John, 1527-1608.
John Dee's five books of mystery : original sourcebook of Enochian magic : from the collected works known as Mysteriorum libri quinque / Joseph H. Peterson, editor.
Boston, MA : Weiser Books, 2003.
BF1997 .C36 K36 2014
Kansa, Spencer, author.
Wormwood star : the magickal life of Marjorie Cameron / by Spenser Kansa.
Second edition.
BL2525 .M68 2019
Morris, Adam, 1983- author.
American messiahs : false prophets of a damned nation / Adam Morris.
First edition.
BL625 .J635 2004
Jones, Richard H., 1951-
Mysticism and morality : a new look at old questions / Richard H. Jones.
Lanham, Md. ; Oxford : Lexington Books, Ã2004.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
D:  History (Europe & World)
D524 .D38 2018
Davies, Owen, 1969- author.
A supernatural war : magic, divination, and faith during the First World War / Owen Davies.
First edition.
DK4081 .D7413 2012
Dres, Jâerâemie, 1982- author, illustrator.
[Nous n'irons pas voir Auschwitz. English]
We won't see Auschwitz / written and illustrated by Jââerâemie Dres ; translated by Edward Gauvin.
DU124 .T74 R496 2000
Reynolds, Henry, 1938-
Why weren't we told? : a personal search for the truth about our history / Henry Reynolds.
Ringwood, Vic. ; New York, N.Y. : Penguin, 2000.
E:  History (U.S.)
E184 .A1 C4445 2016
Charleston syllabus : readings on race, racism, and racial violence / edited by Chad Williams, Kidada E. Williams, and Keisha N. Blain.
E184 .A1 K344 2019
Kendi, Ibram X., author.
How to be an antiracist / Ibram X. Kendi.
First Edition.
E185.86 .H379 2019
Hartman, Saidiya V., author.
Wayward lives, beautiful experiments : intimate histories of social upheaval / Saidiya Hartman.
First edition.
E185.86 .J332 2019
Jackson, Mitchell S., author.
Survival math : notes on an all-American family / Mitchell S. Jackson.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
E185.86 .T6 2019
To turn the whole world over : Black women and internationalism / edited by Keisha N. Blain and Tiffany M. Gill ; afterword by Michael O. West.
E185.89 .I56 A37 2016
African American Intellectual History Society. Annual Conference (1st : 2016 : Chapel Hill, N.C.)
New perspectives on the Black intellectual tradition / edited by Keisha N. Blain, Christopher Cameron, and Ashley D. Farmer.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F220 .A1 M37 2017
Merritt, Keri Leigh, 1980- author.
Masterless men : poor whites and slavery in the antebellum South / Keri Leigh Merritt.
F232 .S7 B345 2008
Baker, Kyle, author, illustrator.
Nat Turner / Kyle Baker.
F380 .N4 D49 2017
Dewulf, Jeroen, 1972- author.
From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square : Kongo dances and the origins of the Mardi Gras Indians / Jeroen Dewulf.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
GN475 .B49 2003
Beyond rationalism : rethinking magic, witchcraft, and sorcery / edited by Bruce Kapferer.
New York : Berghahn Books, Ã2003.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HQ1161 .F37 2017
Farmer, Ashley D., author.
Remaking Black power : how Black women transformed an era / Ashley D. Farmer.
J:  Political Science
JC574.2 .G7 K64 2013
Koditschek, Theodore.
Liberalism, imperialism and the historical imagination : nineteenth century visions of Greater Britain / by Theodore Koditschek.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c 2013 2011.
K:  Law
KF4755 .W49 2019
Wexler, Jay, 1969- author.
Our non-Christian nation : how atheists, Satanists, pagans, and others are demanding their rightful place in public life / Jay Wexler.
L:  Education
LB2369 .T8 2018
Turabian, Kate L., author.
A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers / Kate L. Turabian ; revised by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup, William T. FitzGerald, and the University of Chicago Press editorial staff.
9th edition.
M:  Music
ML128 .P3 H52 2001
Hinson, Maurice.
Music for more than one piano : an annotated guide / Maurice Hinson.
Bloomington : Indiana University Press, Ã2001.
N:  Fine Arts
P:  Language & Literature
PL856 .U673 K5713 2018
Murakami, Haruki, 1949- author.
[Kishi danchåo-goroshi. English]
Killing Commendatore / Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen.
First United States edition.
PN1995.9 .S45 M27 2018
Marks, Laura Helen, 1981- author.
Alice in pornoland : hardcore encounters with the Victorian gothic / Laura Helen Marks.
PN6725 .W48 2016
Whaley, Deborah Elizabeth, author.
Black women in sequence : re-inking comics, graphic novels, and anime / Deborah Elizabeth Whaley.
PN6727 .B77 C75 2015 v. 6
Brubaker, Ed, author.
Criminal / Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips ; colors by Val Staples.
PN6727 .D38265 B58 2015
DeConnick, Kelly Sue, author.
Bitch Planet / Kelly Sue DeConnick, script/co-creator ; Valentine De Landro, art & covers/co-creator ; with Cris Peter, colors ; Clayton Cowles, letters.
PN6727 .D836 K56 2017
Duffy, Damian, author, artist.
Kindred : a graphic novel adaptation / by Damian Duffy and John Jennings ; introduction by Nnedi Okorafor.
PN6727 .L67 S55 2018
Long, Mark, 1957- author.
The silence of our friends / written by Mark Long & Jim Demonakos ; art by Nate Powell ; introduction by John Jennings.
First Square Fish edition.
PN6727 .P73 A84 2011
Powell, Nate, author, illustrator.
Any empire / [Nate Powell ; edited by Chris Staros ; design by Tony Ong].
Marietta, Ga. : Top Shelf Productions, Ã2011.
PN6727 .P73 C66 2018
Powell, Nate, author, artist.
Come again / Nate Powell.
PN6727 .P73 S93 2008
Powell, Nate, author, artist.
Swallow me whole / Nate Powell.
PN6727 .S28 J67 2017
Sacco, Kevin, illustrator.
Josephine / by Kevin Sacco.
PN6728 .B5193 N373 2018
Narcisse, Evan, 1972- author.
Rise of the Black Panther / writer, Evan Narcisse, consultant Ta-Nehisi Coates ; artists, Paul Renaud (#1, #3) & Javier Pina (#2, #4-6) with Edgar Salazar & Keith Champagne (#5) ; color artist, Stephane Paitreau with Morry Hollowell (#6) ; letterer, VC's Joe Sabino.
PN6728 .B58 W35 2019
Walker, David, 1968- author.
Bitter root / David F. Walker, Chuck Brown & Sanford Greene, creators ; Rico Renzi & Sandford Greene, color artists ; Clayton Cowles, letterer ; Sanford Greene, cover artist ; Heather Antos, editor.
PN6728 .C96 W35 2016
Walker, David, 1968- author.
Cyborg / written by David F. Walker ; pencils by Ivan Reis, Eduardo Pansica, Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR, Cliff Richards ; inks by Joe Prado, Ray McCarthy, Scott Hanna, Oclair Albert, Wayne Faucher [and five others] ; color by Adriano Lucas, Pete Pantazis ; letters by Rob Leigh, Corey Breen, Travis Lanham.
PN6728 .K556 H55 2019
Hill, Bryan Edward, author.
Killmonger : by any means Bryan Edward Hill, writer ; Juan Ferreyra, artist, cover artist ; Eduardo Ferrerya, color assists ; VC's Joe Sabino, letterer ; Wil Moss, editor.
PN6728 .L853 W255
Walker, David, 1968- author.
Luke Cage / David F. Walker, writer ; Nelson Blake II, artist ; Marcio Menyz, color artist ; VC's Joe Sabino, letterer.
PN6728 .N545 W35 2016
Walker, David, 1968- author.
Nighthawk : hate makes hate / David F. Walker, writer ; Ramon Villalobos (#1-2, #4 & #6) & Martin Morazzo (#3 & #5), artists ; Tamra Bonvillain, color artist ; VC's Joe Caramagna (#1-5) & Travis Lanham (#6), letterers.
PN6728 .S4774 O56 2019
Okorafor, Nnedi, author.
Shuri / Nnedi Okorafor, writer ; Leonardo Romero, artist ; Jordie Bellaire, color artist ; VC's Joe Sabino, letterer ; Wil Moss, editor.
PN6728 .S766 J66 2017
Jones, J. G., author, illustrator.
Strange fruit / storytellers, J.G. Jones & Mark Waid ; illustrated by J.G. Jones ; lettering by Deron Bennett ; [foreword by Elvis Mitchell].
PN6728 .W255 O36 2018
Okorafor, Nnedi, author.
Wakanda forever / writers, Nnedi Okorafor, Priest, Don McGregor & Reginald Hudlin ; artists, Alberto Alburquerque, Oleg Okunev, Mike Perkins, Daniel Acuna & Ken Lashley ; inkers, Ray-Anthony Height, Alberto Alburquerque, Juan Vlasco & Keith Champagne ; color artists, Erick Arciniega, Andy Troy, Daniel Acuna & Matt Milla ; letterer, VC's Joe Sabino.
PN6728 .X2 C5883 2011
Claremont, Chris, 1950-
X-Men : God loves, man kills / writer, Chris Claremont ; artist, Brent Anderson ; colorist, Steve Oliff ; letterer, Tom Orzechowski
Second edition.
PR6037 .O6 R4 1986
Somerville, E. ¦. (Edith ¦none), 1858-1949.
The real Charlotte / by E. ¦ Somerville & Martin Ross ; Virginia Beards, editor.
New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, Ã1986.
PS 3363 .W58 2011
Witness to Reconstruction : Constance Fenimore Woolson and the Postbellum South, 1873-1894 / edited by Kathleen Diffley.
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2013]
PS153 .N5 G72 2018
Green, Tara T., author.
Reimagining the Middle Passage : Black resistance in literature, television, and song / Tara T. Green.
PS153 .N5 N57 2018
Nishikawa, Kinohi, author.
Street players : black pulp fiction and the making of a literary underground / Kinohi Nishikawa.
PS3363 A6 2016
Woolson, Constance Fenimore, 1840-1894.
[Short stories. Selections]
Miss Grief and other stories / Constance Fenimore Woolson ; edited by Anne Boyd Rioux ; foreword by Colm Toibin.
First edition.
PS3547.E65|bW6 1951b
Yerby, Frank, 1916-1991.
A woman called Fancy.
New York, Dial Press, 1951.
PS3552 .E25 Z64 2015
Gifford, Justin, 1975-
Street poison : the life and times of Iceberg Slim / Justin Gifford.
PS3557 .A355 L47 1994
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
A lesson before dying / Ernest J. Gaines.
1st Vintage contemporaries ed.
PS3557 .A355 O36 1967
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
Of love and dust, by Ernest J. Gaines.
New York, Dial Press, 1967.
PS3557 .A355 T73 2017
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933- author.
The tragedy of Brady Sims / Ernest J. Gaines.
First Vintage Contemporaries edition.
PS3557 .I3415 C58 2019
Gilbert, Elizabeth, 1969- author.
City of girls / Elizabeth Gilbert.
PS3563 .A319 L6 2000
McMurtry, Larry.
Lonesome Dove : a novel / by Larry McMurtry.
S & S classic edition.
New York : Simon and Schuster, [2000?], Ã1985.
PS3563 .O8749 A6 2008
Morrison, Toni.
What moves at the margin : selected nonfiction / Toni Morrison ; edited and with an introduction by Carolyn C. Denard.
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, Ã2008.
PS3563 .O8749 D36 1996
Morrison, Toni.
The dancing mind : speech upon acceptance of the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters on the sixth of November, Nineteen hundred and ninety-six / Toni Morrison.
1st ed.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1996.
PS3601 .L92 S35 2018
Alyan, Hala, 1986- author.
Salt houses / Hala Alyan.
First Mariner books edition.
PS3610 .A35434 R47 2013
Jackson, Mitchell S., author.
The Residue Years : a novel / Mitchell S. Jackson.
First U.S. edition.
PS3612 .O247 B58 2017b
Locke, Attica, author.
Bluebird, bluebird : a novel / Attica Locke.
First edition.
PS3619 .M5859 L36 2014
Smith, Genaro Káy Lây, 1968- author.
The land baron's sun : the story of Lây Loc and his seven wives / Genaro Káy Lây Smith.
PS3619 .M5859 L37 2016
Smith, Genaro Káy Lây, 1968- author.
The land south of the clouds / Genaro Káy Lây Smith.
PS3623 .A7323 Z46 2014
Ward, Jesmyn.
Men we reaped : a memoir / Jesmyn Ward.
Paperback edition.
PS374 .N4 G485 2013
Gifford, Justin, 1975-
Pimping fictions : African American crime literature and the untold story of Black pulp publishing / Justin Gifford.
PS551 .S557 2002
Southern local color : stories of region, race, and gender / edited by Barbara C. Ewell and Pamela Glenn Menke ; with notes by Andrea Humphrey.
Athens : University of Georgia Press, Ã2002.
Q:  Science
R:  Medicine & Nursing
RC564 .P56 2003
Pinsky, Drew.
Cracked : putting broken lives together again : a doctor's story / Drew Pinsky with Todd Gold.
New York : ReganBooks, 2003.
S:  Agriculture
T:  Technology
TL781.85 .P37 P46 2006
Pendle, George, 1976- author.
Strange angel : the otherworldly life of rocket scientist John Whiteside Parsons / George Pendle.
First Harvest edition.
U:  Military Science
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science