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New Library Materials Added During the Current Year

New Library Materials Month by Month

All new circulating books, reference books, videos, music scores, and sound recordings are shown in these lists by the month added to the MAYFLOWER.  These lists include items at both the Arrendale Library, Demorest, and the Lane Library, Athens.

If you click on the hyperlinked call numbers in the lists, MAYFLOWER will open in a new window to the full item record so you can see more details, such as where the title is located and whether it's already checked out or on the shelf and available.

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New Library Materials

May 2018
213 Titles Added

A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
B2597 .A675 2016
Antognazza, Maria Rosa, 1964- author.
Leibniz : a very short introduction / Maria Rosa Antognazza.
First edition.
B512 .W54 2015
Wilson, Catherine, 1951- author.
Epicureanism : a very short introduction / Catherine Wilson.
First edition.
B721 .M342 2016
Marenbon, John, author.
Medieval philosophy : a very short introduction / John Marenbon.
First edition.
B802 .R63 2015
Robertson, John, 1951- author.
The Enlightenment : a very short introduction / John Robertson.
First edition.
B808.5 .B43 2017
Beaney, Michael, author.
Analytic philosophy : a very short introduction / Michael Beaney.
First edition.
B808.9 .B528 2017
Blackmore, Susan J., 1951- author.
Consciousness : a very short introduction / Susan Blackmore.
Second edition.
B843 .L39 2017
Lazari-Radek, Katarzyna de, author.
Utilitarianism : a very short introduction / Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek andPeter Singer.
First edition.
BC71 .P75 2017
Priest, Graham, author.
Logic : a very short introduction / Graham Priest.
Second edition.
BD241 .Z56 2015
Zimmermann, Jens, 1965- author.
Hermeneutics : a very short introduction / Jens Zimmermann.
First edition.
BF121 .L584 2017
Llewelyn, Susan P., author.
Clinical psychology : a very short introduction / Susan Llewelyn and KatieAafjes-van Doorn.
First edition.
BF173 .P572 2015
Pick, Daniel, author.
Psychoanalysis : a very short introduction / Daniel Pick.
First edition.
BF241 .R628 2017
Rogers, Brian J., author.
Perception : a very short introduction / Brian Rogers.
First edition.
BF318 .H372 2016
Haselgrove, Mark, 1974- author.
Learning : a very short introduction / Mark Haselgrove.
BF441 .E925 2017
Evans, Jonathan St. B. T., 1948- author.
Thinking and reasoning : a very short introduction / Jonathan St B.T.Evans.
First edition.
BF724 .S565 2016
Smith, Peter K., author.
Adolescence : a very short introduction / Peter K. Smith.
First edition.
BL1202 .K564 2016
Knott, Kim, author.
Hinduism : A Very Short Introduction / Kim Knott.
Second edition.
BL2018 .N47 2016
Nesbitt, Eleanor M., author.
Sikhism : a very short introduction / Eleanor Nesbitt.
Second edition.
Fully updated, new edition.
BL304 .S444 2015
Segal, Robert Alan, author.
Myth : a very short introduction / Robert A. Segal.
Second edition.
BL487 .N34 2017
Nagasawa, Yujin, author.
Miracles : a very short introduction / Yujin Nagasawa.
First edition.
BM487 .L54 2017
Lim, Timothy H., author.
The Dead Sea Scrolls : a very short introduction / Timothy H. Lim.
Second edition.
BS1140.3 .L56 2016
Linafelt, Tod, 1965- author.
The Hebrew Bible as literature : a very short introduction / Tod Linafelt.
BX1754 .O23 2017
O'Collins, Gerald, author.
Catholicism : a very short introduction / Gerald O'Collins.
Second edition.
BX9418 .B35 2016
Balserak, Jon, author.
Calvinism : a very short introduction / Jon Balserak.
First edition.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CB161 .G53 2017
Gidley, Jennifer, author.
The future : a very short introduction / Jennifer M. Gidley.
First edition.
D:  History (Europe & World)
D887 .C67 2016
Cooper, Andrew Fenton, 1950- author.
The BRICS : a very short introduction / Andrew F. Cooper.
First edition.
DB36.3 .H3 R33 2017
Rady, Martyn C., author.
The Habsburg empire : a very short introduction / Martyn Rady.
First edition.
DF552 .S27 2015
Sarris, Peter, author.
Byzantium : a very short introduction / Peter Sarris.
First edition published in 2015.
DG555 .C38 2016
Cento Bull, Anna, 1951- author.
Modern Italy : a very short introduction / Anna Cento Bull.
First edition.
DS117 .M94 2017
Myers, David N., author.
Jewish history : a very short introduction / David N. Myers.
DS145 .B394 2015
Beller, Steven, 1958-
Antisemitism : a very short introduction / Steven Beller.
Second edition.
DS149 .S6585 2017
Stanislawski, Michael, 1952- author.
Zionism : a very short introduction / Michael Stanislawski.
DS423 .J42 2017
Jeffrey, Craig, 1973- author.
Modern India : a very short introduction / Craig Jeffrey.
First edition.
DS71 .B79 2016
Bryce, Trevor, 1940- author.
Babylonia : a very short introduction / Trevor Bryce.
First edition.
DS779.23 .M57 2016
Mitter, Rana, 1969- author.
Modern China : a very short introduction / Rana Mitter.
Second edition.
E:  History (U.S.)
E184 .A75 H89 2017
Hsu, Madeline Yuan-yin, author.
Asian American history : a very short introduction / Madeline Y. Hsu.
E185.97 .K5 A5 2012b
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968, author.
I have a dream / Martin Luther King, Jr. ; paintings by Kadir Nelson.
First edition.
E302.5 .B46 2015
Bernstein, Richard B., 1956- author.
The founding fathers : a very short introduction / R.B. Bernstein.
E748 .L565 S65 2016
Smith, Kathryn, 1956- author.
The gatekeeper : Missy LeHand, FDR, and the untold story of thepartnership that defined a presidency / Kathryn Smith.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F1234 .K653 2016
Knight, Alan, 1946- author.
The Mexican Revolution : a very short introduction / Alan Knight.
First edition.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
GB501.2 .P743 2015
Price, Martin F., author.
Mountains : a very short introduction / Martin F. Price.
First edition.
GB661.2 .F56 2015
Finney, J. L. (John L.), author.
Water : a very short introduction / John Finney.
First edition.
GC11.2 .S758 2017
Stow, D. A. V. (Dorrik A. V.), author.
Oceans : a very short introduction / Dorrik Stow.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HB74 .P8 B32 2017
Baddeley, Michelle, 1965- author.
Behavioural economics : a very short introduction / Michelle Baddeley.
First edition.
HC254.5 .A664 2017
Allen, Robert C., 1947- author.
The Industrial revolution : a very short introduction / Robert C Allen.
HD69 .B7 J66 2017
Jones, Robert, 1957 August 31- author.
Branding : a very short introduction / Robert Jones.
First edition.
HD69 .P75 D3796 2017
Davies, Andrew, 1960- author.
Projects : a very short introduction / Andrew Davies.
First edition.
HG1601 .G63 2016
Goddard, John A., author.
Banking : a very short introduction / John Goddard and John O.S. Wilson.
First edition.
HM1033 .C748 2015
Crisp, Richard J., 1973- author.
Social psychology : a very short introduction / Richard J. Crisp.
First edition.
HM480 .B76 2017
Bronner, Stephen Eric, 1949- author.
Critical theory : a very short introduction / Stephen Eric Bronner.
Second Edition.
HM636 .S552 2016
Shilling, Chris, author.
The body : a very short introduction / Chris Shilling.
First edition.
HQ503 .F65 2016
Fox, Michael Allen, author.
Home : a very short introduction / Michael Allen Fox.
First edition.
HQ751 .L48 2017
Levine, Philippa, author.
Eugenics : a very short introduction / Philippa Levine.
HS395 .O63 2017
?Onnerfors, Andreas, 1971- author.
Freemasonry : a very short introduction / Andreas ?Onnerfors.
First edition.
HV3013 .Y43 T56 2015
Thompson, Laurie Ann.
Emmanuel's dream : the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah / by Laurie AnnThompson ; illustrated by Sean Qualls.
First edition.
HV7419 .R62 2015
Roberts, Julian V., author.
Criminal justice : a very short introduction / Julian V. Roberts.
First edition
J:  Political Science
JA75.8 .D625 2016
Dobson, Andrew, author.
Environmental politics : a very short introduction / Andrew Dobson.
First edition.
JC423 .M743 2017
Mudde, Cas, author.
Populism : a very short introduction / Cas Mudde and Cristobal RoviraKaltwasser.
JC479 .G38 2016
Garland, David, author.
The welfare state : a very short introduction / David Garland.
First edition.
JF1351 .T48 2016
Theodoulou, Stella Z., author.
Public administration : a very short introduction / Stella Z. Theodoulouand Ravi K. Roy.
First edition.
JK1041 .R58 2016
Ritchie, Donald A., 1945- author.
The U.S. Congress : very short introduction / Donald A. Ritchie.
Second edition.
JK1965 .M34 2016
Maisel, Louis Sandy, 1945-
American political parties and elections : a very short introduction / L.Sandy Maisel.
Second edition.
JK516 .J636 2016
Jones, Charles O., author.
The American Presidency : very short introduction / Charles O. Jones.
Second edition.
JV151 .K46 2016
Kennedy, Dane Keith.
Decolonization : a very short introduction / Dane Kennedy.
JV6035 .K67 2016
Koser, Khalid, author.
International migration : a very short introduction / Khalid Koser.
Second edition.
JZ1318 .S74 2017
Steger, Manfred B., 1961- author.
Globalization : a very short introduction / Manfred B. Steger.
Fourth edition.
K:  Law
K1401 .V33 2017
Vaidhyanathan, Siva, author.
Intellectual property : a very short introduction / Siva Vaidhyanathan.
K231 .W333 2015
Wacks, Raymond, author.
Law : a very short introduction / Raymond Wacks.
Second edition.
K3240 .C58 2015
Clapham, Andrew, author.
Human rights : a very short introduction / Andrew Clapham.
Second edition.
K3585 .F574 2017
Fisher, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Charlotte), author.
Environmental law : a very short introduction / Elizabeth Fisher.
First edition.
K4754 .F53 2016
Fidell, Eugene R., author.
Military justice : a very short introduction / Eugene R. Fidell.
KJE947 .A758 2017
Arnull, Anthony, author.
European Union law : a very short introduction / Anthony Arnull.
First edition.
KZ3410 .L694 2015
Lowe, A. V. (Alan Vaughan), author.
International law : a very short introduction / Vaughan Lowe.
L:  Education
LA173 .P35 2017
Palfreyman, David, 1954- author.
Universities and colleges : a very short introduction / David Palfreymanand Paul Temple.
First edition.
LB1574.5 .A44 2014
Allen, Janet, 1950-
Tools for teaching academic vocabulary / Janet Allen.
LB1576 .C317958 2017
Casey, Heather Kenyon, author.
Literacy learning clubs in grades 4-8 : engaging students across thedisciplines / Heather Kenyon Casey.
M:  Music
ML3556 .B154 2010
Baraka, Amiri, 1934-2014.
Black music : essays / by LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka).
New York : Akashic ; London : Turnaround [distributor], ?2010.

New Library Materials

N:  Fine Arts
P:  Language & Literature
P115 .M35 2017
Maher, John C., 1951- author.
Multilingualism : a very short introduction / John C. Maher.
First edition.
P120 .R32 R34 2016
Raciolinguistics : how language shapes our ideas about race / edited by H.Samy Alim, John R. Rickford and Arnetha F. Ball.
P306 .R49 2016
Reynolds, Matthew, 1969- author.
Translation : a very short introduction / Matthew Reynolds.
First edition.
PE1471 .W35 2017
Wallack, Nicole B., author.
Crafting presence : the American essay and the future of writing studies /Nicole B. Wallack.
PE3711 .G739 2016
Green, Jonathon, 1948- author.
Slang : a very short introduction / Jonathon Green.
First edition.
PG5039.21 .U6 S58413 1999
Kundera, Milan.
[Sm?e?sn?e l?asky. English]
Laughable loves / Milan Kundera ; translated from the Czech by SuzanneRappaport.
1st Harper Perennial ed.
New York : Harper Perennial, 1999.
PH3351 .S592 K313 2017
Szab?o, Magda, 1917-2007, author.
[Katalin Utca. English]
Katalin Street / Magda Szab?o ; translated from the Hungarian by Len Rix.
PJ5054 .A65 A2 2015
Amichai, Yehuda, author.
[Poems. Selections. English]
The poetry of Yehuda Amichai / edited by Robert Alter.
First edition.
PN1031 .G47 2015
Gibbons, Reginald, author.
How poems think / Reginald Gibbons.
PN1031 .O78 2017
Orr, David, 1974- author.
You, too, could write a poem : selected reviews and essays, 2000-2015 /David Orr.
PN1059 .A9 H37 2017
Hass, Robert, author.
A little book on form : an exploration into the formal imagination ofpoetry / Robert Hass.
First edition.
PN1111 .Z37 2017
Zapruder, Matthew, 1967- author.
Why poetry / Matthew Zapruder.
First edition.
PN1136 .J37 2015
James, Clive, 1939- author.
Poetry notebook : reflections on the intensity of language / Clive James.
First American edition.
PN1655 .S493 2016
Shepherd-Barr, Kirsten, 1966- author.
Modern drama : a very short introduction / Kirsten E. Shepherd-Barr.
First edition.
PN1993.5 .A1 N693 2017
Nowell-Smith, Geoffrey, author.
The history of cinema : a very short introduction / Geoffrey Nowell-Smith.
First edition.
PN1993.5 .I8 R2774 2016
Rajadhyaksha, Ashish, author.
Indian cinema : a very short introduction / Ashish Rajadhyaksha.
First edition.
PN1993.5 .U65 D44 2016
Decherney, Peter, author.
Hollywood : a very short introduction / Peter Decherney.
PN3331 .M2813 2017
Mazzoni, Guido, 1967- author.
[Teoria del romanzo English]
Theory of the novel / Guido Mazzoni ; translated by Zakiya Hanafi.
PQ145.1 .G345 B5613 2018
Bloch-Dano, Evelyne, author.
[Jardins de papier. English]
Paper gardens : a stroll through French literature / ?Evelyne Bloch-Dano ;Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.
PQ2122 .C76 2017
Cronk, Nicholas, author.
Voltaire : a very short introduction / Nicholas Cronk.
First edition.
PQ2607 .E834 V613 2006
C?eline, Louis-Ferdinand, 1894-1961.
[Voyage au bout de la nuit. English]
Journey to the end of the night / Louis-Ferdinand C?eline ; translatedfrom the French by Ralph Manheim ; afterword by William T. Vollmann.
New York : New Directions Book, ?2006.
PR255 .T74 2015
Treharne, Elaine M., author.
Medieval literature : a very short introduction / Elaine Treharne.
First edition.
PR2976 .W3665 2017
Wells, Stanley, 1930- author.
Shakespeare's tragedies : a very short introduction / Stanley Wells.
First edition.
PR2976 .W367 2015
Wells, Stanley, 1930- author.
William Shakespeare : a very short introduction / Stanley Wells.
First edition.
PR2981 .V26 2016
Van Es, Bart, author.
Shakespeare's comedies : a very short introduction / Bart van Es.
First edition.
PR2984 .O64 2016
The Oxford handbook of Shakespeare's poetry / edited by Jonathan F.S.Post.
PR2984 .P67 2017
Post, Jonathan F. S., 1947- author.
Shakespeare's sonnets and poems : a very short introduction / JonathanF.S. Post.
First edition.
PR6052 .A46 K5 2007
Ballard, J. G., 1930-2009.
The kindness of women / J.G. Ballard.
1st Picador ed.
New York : Picador, 2007.
PR6113 .A87 Z46 2016
Matar, Hisham, 1970- author.
The return : fathers, sons, and the land in between / Hisham Matar.
First U.S. edition.
PR9619.3 .B7153 M37 2005
Brooks, Geraldine.
March / Geraldine Brooks.
New York : Viking, 2005.
PR9619.3 .B7153 S43 2015
Brooks, Geraldine, author.
The secret chord / Geraldine Brooks.
PR9619.3 .M76 A6 2018
Murnane, Gerald, 1939- author.
[Short stories. Selections]
Stream system : the collected short fiction / of Gerald Murnane.
First edition.
PR9619.3 .M76 B67 2018
Murnane, Gerald, 1939- author.
Border districts : a fiction / Gerald Murnane.
First American edition.
PS151 .H57 2016
A history of twentieth-century American women's poetry / edited by LindaA. Kinnahan.
PS153 .G38 C36 2015
The Cambridge Companion to American Gay and Lesbian Literature / edited byScott Herring, Indiana University.
PS153 .I52 T465 2018
Teuton, Sean Kicummah, 1966- author.
Native American literature : a very short introduction / Sean Teuton.
PS153 .N5 W327 2016
Wall, Cheryl A., author.
The Harlem Renaissance : a very short introduction / Cheryl A. Wall.
PS228 .B6 C35 2017
The Cambridge companion to the Beats / edited by Steven Belletto(Lafayette College).
PS228 .M63 H42 2017
Hefner, Brooks E., author.
The word on the streets : the American language of vernacular modernism /Brooks E. Hefner.
PS310 .C586 E67 2016
Epstein, Andrew, 1969- author.
Attention equals life : the pursuit of the everyday in contemporary poetryand culture / Andrew Epstein.
PS323.5 .G59 2017
Gl?uck, Louise, 1943- author.
[Essays. Selections]
American originality : essays on poetry / Louise Gl?uck.
First edition.
PS323.5 .O94 2012
The Oxford handbook of modern and contemporary American poetry / edited byCary Nelson.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, ?2012.
PS325 .B87 2016
Burt, Stephen, 1971- author.
The poem is you : 60 contemporary American poems and how to read them /Stephen Burt.
PS3503 .I785 Z767 2017
Marshall, Megan, author.
Elizabeth Bishop : a miracle for breakfast / Megan Marshall.
PS3509 .L43 2015 v.1
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965, author.
The poems of T.S. Eliot / edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue.
PS3509 .L43 Z6545 2015
Crawford, Robert, 1959-
Young Eliot : from St. Louis to The Waste Land / Robert Crawford.
First American edition.
PS3511 .I9 G83196 2014
Corrigan, Maureen, author.
So we read on : how The Great Gatsby came to be and why it endures /Maureen Corrigan.
First edition.
PS3511 .I9 Z55 2017
Berman, Ronald, author.
F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American scene / Ronald Berman.
PS3515 .U274 Z6173 2017
Best, Wallace D. (Wallace Denino), author.
Langston's salvation : American religion and the bard of Harlem / WallaceD. Best.
PS3515 .U789 Z824 2011
Plant, Deborah G., 1956-
Zora Neale Hurston : a biography of the spirit / Deborah G. Plant.
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Pub., 2011.
PS3519 .A392 A6 2015
Jackson, Shirley, 1916-1965.
[Works. Selections. 2015]
Let me tell you : new stories, essays, and other writings / ShirleyJackson ; edited by Laurence Jackson Hyman and Sarah Hyman DeWitt ;foreword by Ruth Franklin.
First edition.
PS3525 .I5454 T8 1987
Miller, Henry, 1891-1980.
Tropic of Capricorn / Henry Miller.
PS3527 .I865 D42 2004
Nin, Ana?is, 1903-1977.
Delta of Venus : erotica / by Ana?is Nin.
1st Harvest ed.
Orlando [Fla.] : Harcourt, [2004], ?1977.
PS3535 .I233 A6 2013
Rich, Adrienne, 1929-2012.
[Poems. Selections]
Later poems : selected and new, 1971-2012 / Adrienne Rich.
1st ed.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., ?2013.
PS3537 .T3234 Z7324 2016
McParland, Robert, author.
Citizen Steinbeck : giving voice to the people / Robert McParland.
PS3552 .A45 Z653 2015
Field, Douglas, 1974- author.
All those strangers : the art and lives of James Baldwin / Douglas Field.
PS3552 .A45 Z985 2018
Zaborowska, Magdalena J., author.
Me and my house : James Baldwin's last decade in France / Magdalena J.Zaborowska.
PS3552 .E517 A45 2004
Bell, Madison Smartt.
All souls' rising / Madison Smartt Bell.
1st Vintage Books ed.
New York : Vintage Books, 2004.
PS3552 .E538447 G57 1998
Bender, Aimee.
The girl in the flammable skirt : stories / by Aimee Bender.
1st ed.
New York : Anchor Books, 1998.
PS3554 .U49 D54 2000
Dunn, Stephen, 1939- author.
Different hours : poems / Stephen Dunn.
First edition.
PS3557 .R214 A6 2015
Graham, Jorie, 1950- author.
[Poems. Selections]
From the new world : poems 1976-2014 / Jorie Graham.
First edition.
PS3558 .A67 L44 2016
Harrison, Jim, 1937-2016, author.
Legends of the fall / Jim Harrison.
First Grove Atlantic edition.
PS3558 .A716 P58 1999
Haruf, Kent.
Plainsong / by Kent Haruf.
1st ed.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1999.
PS3563 .Y498 S65 2012
Myles, Eileen.
Snowflake : new poems ; Different streets : newer poems / Eileen Myles.
1st ed.
Seattle : Wave Books ; [St. Paul, Minn.] : Distributed to the trade byConsortium Book Sales and Distribution, ?2012.
PS3569 .I4725 N49 2013
Simic, Charles, 1938- author.
[Poems. Selections]
New and selected poems 1962-2012 / Charles Simic.
PS3569 .M537839 I53 2017
Smith, Patricia, 1955- author.
[Poems. Selections]
Incendiary art : poems / Patricia Smith.
PS3569 .T3316 2015
Stanford, Frank, 1949-1978, author.
What about this : collected poems of Frank Stanford / Frank Stanford ;edited by Michael Wiegers ; introduction by Dean Young.
PS3569 .T3888 E37 2010
Stern, Gerald, 1925-
[Poems. Selections]
Early collected poems, 1965-1992 / Gerald Stern.
New York ; London : W.W. Norton & Company, ?2010.
PS3573 .I455457 S54 1999
Williams, Saul.
S [square root] he / Saul Williams ; [with images by Marcia Jones].
New York : Pocket Books, 1999.
PS3613 .O366 J86 2017
Moffett, Rosalie, author.
June in Eden / Rosalie Moffett.
PS3619 .H63 A6 2017
Shockley, Evie, 1965- author.
[Poems. Selections]
Semiautomatic / Evie Shockley.
PS3619 .M5748 A6 2017
Smith, Danez, author.
[Poems. Selections]
Don't call us dead : poems / Danez Smith.
PS3619 .M58 A6 2016
Smith, Clint, author.
[Poems. Selections]
Counting descent / Clint Smith.
1st edition.
PS3619 .M5955 L54 2011
Smith, Tracy K.
Life on Mars : poems / Tracy K. Smith.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Graywolf Press, [2011]
PS3622 .U96 A6 2016
Vuong, Ocean, 1988- author.
[Poems. Selections]
Night sky with exit wounds / Ocean Vuong.
PS3623 .I57748 A6 2016
Willis-Abdurraqib, Hanif, author.
[Poems. Selections]
The crown ain't worth much / Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib.
PS374 .N4 B24 2017
Babb, Valerie Melissa, author.
A history of the African American novel / Valerie Babb.
PS508 .N3 M34 2016
Before Harlem : an anthology of African American literature from the longnineteenth century / edited by Ajuan Maria Mance.
First edition.
PS615 .B4755 2013
The best of the best American poetry / Robert Pinsky, editor ; DavidLehman, series editor.
25th Anniversary ed. ; 1st Scribner ed.
New York : Scribner Poetry, 2013.
PT2177 .R63 2016
Robertson, Ritchie, author.
Goethe : a very short introduction / Ritchie Robertson.
First edition.
PT2681 .E18 C36 2005
Sebald, W. G. (Winfried Georg), 1944-2001.
[Campo Santo. English]
Campo Santo / W.G. Sebald ; translated by Anthea Bell.
1st U.S. ed.
New York : Random House, ?2005.
PT9876.3 .R3 A2 2015
Transtr?omer, Tomas, 1931-2015, author.
[Poems. Selections. English]
Bright scythe : selected poems / by Tomas Transtr?omer ; translated byPatty Crane.
First edition.
PZ7 .H67562 Am 1991
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-
Amazing Grace / by Mary Hoffman ; pictures by Caroline Binch.
1st ed.
New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, 1991.
PZ7 .S2502 Mo 2010
Sauer, Tammi.
Mostly monsterly / Tammi Sauer ; illustrated by Scott Magoon.
1st ed.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, ?2010.
PZ7.1 .W43676 Tb 2018
Black Panther : this is Black Panther! / adapted by Alexandra West ;illustrated by Simone Boufantino, Davide Mastrolodardo, and FabioPaciulli.
First edition.
PZ8.3 .H66 Aj 2009
Hoberman, Mary Ann.
All kinds of families / by Mary Ann Hoberman ; illustrated by MarcBoutavant.
1st ed.
New York : Little, Brown, 2009.
Q:  Science
Q175 .O4555 2016
Okasha, Samir, author.
Philosophy of science : a very short introduction / Samir Okasha.
Second edition.
QA155 .H53 2015
Higgins, Peter M., 1956- author.
Algebra : a very short introduction / Peter M. Higgins.
First edition.
QA164 .W57 2016
Wilson, Robin J., author.
Combinatorics : a very short introduction / Robin Wilson.
First edition.
QA465 .H26 2016
Hand, D. J. (David J.), 1950- author.
Measurement : a very short introduction / David J. Hand.
First edition.
QA76 .D374 2016
Dasgupta, Subrata, author.
Computer science : a very short introduction / Subrata Dasgupta.
First edition.
QA76.9 .B45 H66 2017
Holmes, Dawn E. (Statistician), author.
Big data : a very short introduction / Dawn E. Holmes.
First edition.
QA9 .S756 2017
Stewart, Ian, 1945- author.
Infinity : a very short introduction / Ian Stewart.
First edition.
QB36 .C8 G458 2016
Gingerich, Owen, author.
Copernicus : a very short introduction / Owen Gingerich.
QB401 .R66 2015
Rothery, David A., author.
Moons : a very short introduction / David A. Rothery.
First edition.
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T:  Technology
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Z:  Bibliography & Library Science