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New Library Materials Added During the Current Year

New Library Materials Month by Month

All new circulating books, reference books, videos, music scores, and sound recordings are shown in these lists by the month added to the MAYFLOWER.  These lists include items at both the Arrendale Library, Demorest, and the Lane Library, Athens.

If you click on the hyperlinked call numbers in the lists, MAYFLOWER will open in a new window to the full item record so you can see more details, such as where the title is located and whether it's already checked out or on the shelf and available.

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New Library Materials

September 2019
148 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
B 1602 .H68 2017
Houlgate, Laurence D., author.
Understanding John Stuart Mill : The smart student's guide to Utilitarianism and On Liberty
Houlgate Books.; San Luis Obispo, CA.; 2017
B 2798 .H68 2017
Houlgate, Laurence D., author.
Understanding Immanuel Kant : The smart student's guide to Kant's Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals / by Laurence D. Houlgate.
B105 .F3 E28 2018
Eburne, Jonathan P. (Jonathan Paul), author.
Outsider theory : intellectual histories of unorthodox ideas / Jonathan P. Eburne.
B111 .A33 2014
Adamson, Peter, 1972- author.
Classical philosophy : a history of philosophy without any gaps / Peter Adamson.
First edition.
B128 .C8 C4927 2007
Chin, Ann-ping, 1950-
The authentic Confucius : a life of thought and politics / Annping Chin.
1st Scribner hardcover ed.
New York : Scribner, 2007.
B128 .C8 S38 2015
Schuman, Michael, 1968-
Confucius : and the world he created / Michael Schuman.
B1294.5 .T784 H838 2018
Houlgate, Laurence D., author.
Understanding John Locke : The smart student's guide to Locke's Second treatise of government / by Laurence D. Houlgate.
B131 .Z52 1969
Zimmer, Heinrich Robert, 1890-1943.
Philosophies of India / Heinrich Zimmer ; edited by Joseph Campbell.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 1969, Ã1951.
B1498 .H838 2019
Houlgate, Laurence D., author.
Understanding David Hume: The smart student's guide to Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion and the essays on miracles, immortality of the soul and suicide
Houlgate Books 2019
B168 .D513 D56 2018
Diogenes Laertius, author.
[Lives, teachings, and sayings of famous philosophers. English (Mensch)]
Lives of the eminent philosophers / Diogenes Laertius ; translated by Pamela Mensch ; edited by James Miller ; consulting editors, James Allen [and 6 others].
B187.5 .L3513 2018
Laks, Andrâe, author.
[Introduction áa la philosophie prâesocratique. English]
The concept of presocratic philosophy : its origin, development, and significance / Andrâe Laks ; translated by Glenn W. Most.
B187.5 .S2713 2018
Sassi, Maria Michela, 1955- author.
[Inizi della filosofia in Grecia. English]
The beginnings of philosophy in Greece / Maria Michela Sassi ; translated by Michele Asuni.
B188 .C6 2004
Cornford, Francis Macdonald, 1874-1943.
From religion to philosophy : a study in the origins of Western speculation / F.M. Cornford.
Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2004.
B3279 .H49 D48413
Derrida, Jacques, author.
[Heidegger. English]
Heidegger : the question of being and history / Jacques Derrida ; edited by Thomas Dutoit ; with the assistance of Marguerite Derrida ; translated by Geoffrey Bennington.
Paperback edition.
B3279 .H94 Z3513 2003
Zahavi, Dan.
[Husserl's fµnomenologi. English]
Husserl's phenomenology / Dan Zahavi.
Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2003.
B3332 .S674 C6813 2000
Courtine-Denamy, Sylvie.
[Trois femmes dans de sombres temps. English]
Three women in dark times, or, Amor fati, amor mundi : Edith Stein, Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil / Sylvie Courtine-Denamy ; translated from the French by G.M. Goshgarian.
Ithaca [N.Y.] : Cornell University Press, 2000.
B365 .H68 2017
Houlgate, Laurence D., author.
Understanding Plato : The smart student's guide to the Socratic dialogues and the Republic / by Laurence D. Houlgate.
B415 .A5 L39 1986(1947397.1)
[De anima. English]
De anima = On the soul / Aristotle ; translated, with an introduction and notes, by Hugh Lawson-Tancred.
Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England ; New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Penguin Books, 1986.
B485 .O94 2012
The Oxford handbook of Aristotle / edited by Christopher Shields.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, Ã2012.
B505 .S45 2018
Sellars, John, 1971- author.
Hellenistic philosophy / John Sellars.
First edition.
B570 .E5 S8 2012
Epicurus, author.
[Works. Selections. English. 2012]
The art of happiness / Epicurus : translated with an introduction and commentary by George K. Strodach ; foreword by Daniel Klein.
New York : Penguin Books, 2012.
B72 .E925 2018
Evans, C. Stephen, author.
A history of western philosophy : from the pre-Socratics to postmodernism / C. Stephen Evans.
B765 .A82 E54 1962
Anselm, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1033-1109.
[Works. Selections. English. 1962]
Basic writings : Proslogium ; Monologium ; Gaunilon's on behalf of the fool ; Cur deus homo. / Anselm ; translated by S.W. [i.e. N.] Deane, with an introduction by Charles Hartshorne.
Second edition.
B791 .G68 2017
Gottlieb, Anthony, author.
The dream of enlightenment : the rise of modern philosophy / Anthony Gottlieb.
B791 .P435 2013
Philosophy and its history : aims and methods in the study of early modern philosophy / edited by Mogens Laerke, Justin E.H. Smith, and Eric Schliesser.
B791 .S29 2002
Scruton, Roger.
A short history of modern philosophy : from Descartes to Wittgenstein / Roger Scruton.
2nd ed., [rev.].
London ; New York : Routledge, 2002.
B802 .B87 2013
Burns, James MacGregor.
Fire and light : how the enlightenment transformed our world / James MacGregor Burns.
First U.S. edition.
B804 .R68 2008
The Routledge companion to twentieth-century philosophy / edited by Dermot Moran.
London : Routledge, 2008.
B808.5 .S39 2012
Schwartz, Steve, 1944-
A brief history of analytic philosophy : from Russell to Rawls / by Steve Schwartz.
B809 .K57 1995
Kirk, Russell.
The conservative mind : from Burke to Eliot / Russell Kirk.
7th rev. ed.
Washington, D.C. : Regnery Pub. ; Lanham, MD : Distributed to the trade by National Book Network, [1995]
B819 .B313 2016
Bakewell, Sarah, author.
At the existentialist cafâe : freedom, being, and apricot cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Karl Jaspers, Edmund Husserl, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others / Sarah Bakewell.
B819 .B34 1990
Barrett, William, 1913-1992.
Irrational man : a study in existential philosophy / William Barrett.
New York : Anchor Books, Doubleday, [1990]
B819 .B37 2004
Basic writings of existentialism / edited and with an introduction by Gordon Marino.
B819 .M28 2018
Marino, Gordon Daniel, 1952- author.
The existentialist's survival guide : how to live authentically in an inauthentic age / Gordon Marino.
First edition.
B819 .S272 1992
Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980.
[Etre et le nâeant. English]
Being and nothingness : a phenomenological essay on ontology / Jean-Paul Sartre ; translated and with an introduction by Hazel E. Barnes.
New York : Washington Square Press : Pocket Books, 1992, Ã1956.
B828.2 .H69 2018
How biology shapes philosophy : new foundations for naturalism / edited by David Livingstone Smith.
First paperback edition.
B831.2 .S27 1993
Sarup, Madan.
An introductory guide to post-structuralism and postmodernism / Madan Sarup.
2nd ed.
Athens : University of Georgia Press, 1993.
B832 .B336 2012
Bacon, Michael, 1974-
Pragmatism : an introduction / Michael Bacon.
Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity, 2012.
B832 .P77 1982
Pragmatism, the classic writings : Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, Clarence Irving Lewis, John Dewey, George Herbert Mead / edited with introduction and commentary by H.S. Thayer.
Indianapolis : Hackett Pub. Co., Ã1982.
B832 .P945 2017
Putnam, Hilary, author.
Pragmatism as a way of life : the lasting legacy of William James and John Dewey / Hilary Putnam, Ruth Anna Putnam ; edited by David Macarthur.
B851 .K33 2016
Kaag, John J., 1979- author.
American philosophy : a love story / John Kaag.
First [edition].
B905 .G87 2007
Gura, Philip F., 1950-
American transcendentalism : a history / Philip F. Gura.
1st ed.
New York : Hill and Wang, Ã2007.
B944 .P72 M268 2010
Margolis, Joseph, 1924-
Pragmatism's advantage : American and European philosophy at the end of the twentieth century / Joseph Margolis.
Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, Ã2010.
B945 .J23 W5 1960
James, William, 1842-1910.
The will to believe : and other essays in popular philosophy, and Human immortality / William James.
[New York] : Dover Publications, [1960?]
B945 .J24 C28 2017
Campbell, James, 1948- author.
Experiencing William James : belief in a pluralistic world / James Campbell.
BF1622 .G7 D385 2007 eb
Davies, Owen, 1969-
Popular magic : cunning folk in English history / Owen Davies.
London : Hambledon Continuum, 2007.
BF431 .R54 2019
Robson, David G., author.
The intelligence trap : why smart people make dumb mistakes / David Robson.
First American edition.
BJ1481 .R75 2013
Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.
The conquest of happiness / Bertrand Russell ; with a new introduction by Daniel C. Dennett.
BL240.3 .L4587 2019
Lennox, John C., 1943- author.
Can science explain everything? / John C. Lennox.
BL2525 .M37 1997 V. 1
Marty, Martin E., 1928-
Modern American religion / Martin E. Marty.
Pbk. ed.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1997-
BL2747.3 .G68 2018
Gray, John, 1948- author.
Seven types of atheism / John Gray.
First American edition.
BL2747.3 .W45 2015
Whitmarsh, Tim, author.
Battling the gods : atheism in the ancient world / Tim Whitmarsh.
First edition.
BL2747.6 .K58 2014
Kitcher, Philip, 1947-
Life after faith : the case for secular humanism / Philip Kitcher.
BL432 .M37 2015
Marenbon, John.
Pagans and philosophers : the problem of paganism from Augustine to Leibniz / John Marenbon.
BR128 .R7 S55 1990
Smith, Jonathan Z.
Drudgery divine : on the comparison of early Christianities and the religions of late antiquity / Jonathan Z. Smith.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1990.
BV5082.3 .E87 2006
The essential writings of Christian mysticism / edited and with an introduction by Bernard McGinn.
Modern Library pbk. ed.
New York : Modern Library, 2006.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CT120 .A7 1968
Arendt, Hannah, 1906-1975, author.
Men in dark times / Hannah Arendt.
[1st ed.].
D:  History (Europe & World)
D744.4 .B45 2008
Bess, Michael.
Choices under fire : moral dimensions of World War II / Michael Bess.
1st Vintage books ed.
New York : Vintage Books, 2008, Ã2006.
D767.25 .H6 A87 1989
The Atomic bomb : voices from Hiroshima and Nagasaki / edited by Kyoko and Mark Selden.
Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, Ã1989.
D767.25 .H6 H6456 1996
Hiroshima in history and memory / edited by Michael J. Hogan.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
D767.25 .N3 N48 1995
Newman, Robert P.
Truman and the Hiroshima cult / Robert P. Newman.
East Lansing : Michigan State University Press, 1995.
D769.1 .W35 1996
Wainstock, Dennis, 1947-
The decision to drop the atomic bomb / Dennis D. Wainstock.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 1996.
DA118 .L33 2000
Langford, Paul, 1945-
Englishness identified : manners and character, 1650-1850 / Paul Langford ; illustrated by Martin Rowson.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.
DG231 .C65 2015
Connolly, Joy, 1970-
The life of Roman republicanism / Joy Connolly.
E:  History (U.S.)
E169.12 .T63 2019
Tolentino, Jia, author.
Trick mirror : reflections on self-delusion / Jia Tolentino.
E185.61 .L64 1997
Logan, Rayford Whittingham, 1897-1982.
[Negro in American life and thought]
The betrayal of the Negro, from Rutherford B. Hayes to Woodrow Wilson / Rayford W. Logan ; new introduction by Eric Foner.
1st Da Capo Press ed.
New York : Da Capo Press, 1997.
E185.61 .M32 2007
Marable, Manning, 1950-2011.
Race, reform, and rebellion : the second reconstruction and beyond in Black America, 1945-2006 / Manning Marable.
3rd ed.
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2007.
E185.86 .F525 2014
Finney, Carolyn.
Black faces, white spaces : reimagining the relationship of African Americans to the great outdoors / Carolyn Finney.
E185.86 .H73 2015
hooks, bell, 1952-
Ain't I a woman : Black women and feminism / bell hooks.
[Second edition].
E185.86 .H7417 2004
hooks, bell, 1952- author.
We real cool : black men and masculinity / bell hooks.
E744 .K65 1968
Kolko, Gabriel.
The politics of war; the world and United States foreign policy, 1943-1945.
New York, Random House [Ã1968]
E77 .D694 1992
Dowd, Gregory Evans, 1956-
A spirited resistance : the North American Indian struggle for unity, 1745-1815 / Gregory Evans Dowd.
E843 .K58 2003
Klein, Edward, 1936-
The Kennedy curse : why tragedy has haunted America's first family for 150 years / Edward Klein.
1st St. Martin's Griffin ed.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, Ã2003.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F213 .H768 2019
Horwitz, Tony, 1958-2019, author.
Spying on the South : an odyssey across the American divide / Tony Horwitz.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
G155 .A1 M17 2013
MacCannell, Dean, author.
The tourist : a new theory of the leisure class / Dean MacCannell.
2013 edition.
G743 .G453 2019
Gertner, Jon, author.
The ice at the end of the world : an epic journey into Greenland's buried past and our perilous future / Jon Gertner.
First edition.
GF75 .L49 2018b
Lewis, Simon L., author.
The human planet : how we created the Anthropocene / Simon L. Lewis and Mark A. Maslin.
GT2130 .B675 2019
Brennan, Summer, author.
High heel / Summer Brennan.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HC79 .C6 S258 2019
Schlossberg, Tatiana, author.
Inconspicuous consumption : the environmental impact you don't know you have / Tatiana Schlossberg.
First edition.
HD6060.3 .K37 2019
Kantor, Jodi, 1975- author.
She said : breaking the sexual harassment story that helped ignite a movement / Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.
HM1106 .G58 2019
Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- author.
Talking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know / Malcolm Gladwell.
First edition.
HQ1123 .F55 2016
Fifty-one key feminist thinkers / edited by Lori J. Marso.
HQ1237.5 .U6 G63 2019
Goldberg, Carrie, author.
Nobody's victim : fighting psychos, stalkers, pervs, and trolls / Carrie Goldberg ; with Jeannine Amber.
HQ1426 .C56 2015
Clare, Eli, author.
Exile and pride : disability, queerness, and liberation / Eli Clare.
HQ796 .J45
Jennings, M. Kent.
The political character of adolescence: the influence of families and schools [by] M. Kent Jennings and Richard G. Niemi.
[Princeton, N.J.] Princeton University Press [1974]
HQ801 .T2233 2019
Taddeo, Lisa, author.
Three women / Lisa Taddeo.
First Avid Reader Press hardcover edition.
HV6322.7 .G44 2004
The genocidal temptation : Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Rwanda, and beyond / edited by Robert S. Frey.
Dallas [Tex.] : University Press of America, Ã2004.
HX39.5 .S785 2016
Stedman Jones, Gareth, author.
Karl Marx : greatness and illusion / Gareth Stedman Jones.
First Harvard University Press edition.
J:  Political Science
JC251 .A74 B57 2006
Birmingham, Peg, 1955-
Hannah Arendt & human rights : the predicament of common responsibility / Peg Birmingham.
Bloomington : Indiana University Press, Ã2006.
JC311 .H572 2012
Hirschi, Caspar.
The origins of nationalism : an alternative history from ancient Rome to early modern Germany / Caspar Hirschi.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
JC81 .C613 2008
Cicero, Marcus Tullius.
[De republica. English]
The republic ; and, the laws / Cicero ; translated by Niall Rudd ; with an introduction and notes by Jonathan Powell and Niall Rudd.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.
K:  Law
KF224 .R47 A23 2019
Abbott, Karen, 1973- author.
The ghosts of Eden Park : the bootleg king, the women who pursued him, and the murder that shocked jazz- age America / Karen Abbott.
L:  Education
LA2317 .G33 A3 2017
Gatto, John Taylor, author.
Dumbing us down : the hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling / John Taylor Gatto.
25th anniversary edition.
LB1025.3 .G66 2018
Good, Thomas L., 1943- author.
Looking in classrooms / Thomas L. Good and Alyson L. Lavigne.
Eleventh edition.
LB17 .O78 2017
Ornstein, Allan C., author.
Foundations of education / Allan C. Ornstein, Daniel U. Levine, Gerald L. Gutek, David E. Vocke.
Thirteenth edition; Student edition.
LD1741 .E762 K45 2014
Keller, George, 1928-2007, author.
Transforming a college : the story of a little-known college's strategic climb to national distinction / George Keller ; with a new foreword by Leo M. Lambert,
Updated edition.
M:  Music
ML420 .D479 A3 2018
Dessa (Vocalist), author.
My own devices : true stories from the road on music, science, and senseless love / Dessa.
N:  Fine Arts
N6537 .S543 S55 2019
Smith, Valâerie, 1955- author.
Amy Sillman / Valâerie Smith.
N8217 .C792 N45 2011
Nelson, Maggie, 1973-
The art of cruelty : a reckoning / Maggie Nelson.
1st ed.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., Ã2011.
ND237 .D334 Z55 2014
Zilczer, Judith, author.
A way of living : the art of Willem De Kooning / Judith Zilczer.
ND237 .D573 H57 2017
Hirsch, Faye, author.
Lois Dodd / Faye Hirsch ; foreword by Barry Schwabsky.
ND237 .M24623 A4 2016
Marshall, Kerry James, 1955- artist, author.
Kerry James Marshall : mastry / edited by Helen Molesworth.
ND237 .N695 A4 2017
Yau, John, 1950- author.
Thomas Nozkowski / John Yau.
ND237 .T28 A4 2018
Yau, John, 1950- author.
Philip Taaffe / John Yau.
ND976.8 .A36 W55 2018
Wilson-Goldie, Kaelen, author.
Etel Adnan / Kaelen Wilson-Goldie.
P:  Language & Literature
P120 .I6 M28 2019
McCulloch, Gretchen, author.
Because internet : understanding the new rules of language / Gretchen McCulloch.
P325 .K37 2011
Kearns, Kate, author.
Semantics / Kate Kearns.
Second edition.
PE1441 .M665 2019
Moran, Joe, 1970- author.
First you write a sentence : the elements of reading, writing ... and life / Joe Moran.
PG3476 .G7 V813 2009
Grossman, Vasiliæi.
[Vse techet. English]
Everything flows / Vasily Grossman ; translated from the Russian by Robert and Elizabeth Chandler with Anna Aslanyan.
New York : New York Review Books, Ã2009.
PQ2605 .A3734 M98 2018
Camus, Albert, 1913-1960, author.
[Mythe de Sisyphe. English]
The myth of Sisyphus / Albert Camus ; translated from the French by Justin O'Brien.
Second Vintage international edition.
PR428 .H8 G37 2013
Gaskin, Richard, 1960-
Language, truth, and literature : a defence of literary humanism / Richard Gaskin.
PR5397 .F7 2012
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851.
Frankenstein : the 1818 text, contexts, criticism / Mary Shelley ; edited by J. Paul Hunter.
2nd ed.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., Ã2012.
PR6068 .U757 Q53 2019
Rushdie, Salman, author.
Quichotte : a novel / Salman Rushdie.
First edition.
PR6114 .A86 W37 2019
Nathan, Alix, author.
The Warlow experiment : a novel / Alix Nathan.
First American edition.
PR9199.3 .A8 T47 2019
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
The testaments / Margaret Atwood.
First edition.
PS217 .T7 P33 2007
Packer, Barbara L.
The transcendentalists / Barbara L. Packer.
PS2384 .M6 2018
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891, author.
Moby-Dick : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism / Herman Melville ; edited by Hershel Parker (University of Delaware, Emeritus).
Third edition.
PS3527 .A15 L6 1991
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977, author.
The annotated Lolita / Vladimir Nabokov ; edited, with preface, introduction, and notes by Alfred Appel, Jr.
Rev. and updated, 1st Vintage Books ed.
New York : Vintage Books, Ã1991.
PS3545 .I5286 S738 2019
Almond, Steve, author.
William Stoner and the battle for the inner life / Steve Almond.
First edition.
PS3561 .I483 I57 2019
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
The institute : a novel / Stephen King.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
PS3562 .E353 T6 1999
Lee, Harper.
To kill a mockingbird / Harper Lee.
40th anniversary ed.
New York, NY : HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.
PS3562 .I586 L33 2019
Lippman, Laura, 1959- author.
Lady in the lake : a novel / Laura Lippman.
First edition.
PS3562 .O75 A6 2017
Lorde, Audre, author.
[Works Selections]
Your silence will not protect you / Audre Lorde.
PS3566 .A7756 D88 2019
Patchett, Ann, author.
The Dutch house : a novel / Ann Patchett.
First edition.
PS3573 .E3935 M77 2019
Weiner, Jennifer, author.
Mrs. Everything : a novel / Jennifer Weiner.
First Atria Books hardcover edition.
PS3573 .H4768 N53 2019
Whitehead, Colson, 1969- author.
The nickel boys : a novel / Colson Whitehead.
First edition.
PS3603 .O17 W38 2019
Coates, Ta-Nehisi, author.
The water dancer : a novel / Ta-Nehisi Coates.
First edition.
PS3603 .R68 R43 2019
Crouch, Blake, author.
Recursion : a novel / Blake Crouch.
First edition.
PS3603 .R83 M9 2019
Crucet, Jennine Capâo, author.
My time among the whites : notes from an unfinished education / Jennine Capâo Crucet.
First edition.
PS3604 .A487 C79 2019
Dane, Joel, author.
Cry pilot / Joel Dane.
First edition.
PS3607 .R668 I63 2011
Grossack, Victoria.
Jocasta : the mother-wife of Oedipus / Victoria Grossack and Alice Underwood.
[Place of publication not identified] : [Createspace], [2011]
PS3611 .E165 A92 2019
Keane, Mary Beth, author.
Ask again, yes : a novel / Mary Beth Keane.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
PS3615 .B73 I55 2019
Obreht, Tâea, author.
Inland : a novel / Tâea Obreht.
First edition.
PS3618 .U564 W66 2019
Rum, Etaf, author.
A woman is no man : a novel / Etaf Rum.
First edition.
PS3622 .U96 O52 2019
Vuong, Ocean, 1988- author.
On Earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel / Ocean Vuong.
PS369 .M37 2015
McParland, Robert, author.
Beyond Gatsby : how Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and writers of the 1920s shaped American culture / Robert McParland.
PS541 .A667 2006
The American transcendentalists : essential writings / edited and with an introduction by Lawrence Buell.
Modern Library pbk. ed.
New York : Modern Library, 2006.
PZ10.3 .R414 An 2005
Richardson, Justin, 1963- author.
And Tango makes three / by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell ; illustrated by Henry Cole.
1st ed.
PZ7.1 .C715 Hou 2019
Craig, Erin A., author.
House of salt and sorrows / Erin A. Craig.
First edition.
PZ7.1 .G576 Geo 2015
Gino, Alex, author.
George / Alex Gino.
First edition.
PZ7.1 .O89 Mer 2019
Owen, Margaret, 1986- author.
The merciful Crow / Margaret Owen.
First edition.
PZ7.1 .P6947 Wil 2019
Power, Rory, author.
Wilder girls / Rory Power.
First edition.
PZ7.7 .P22 Bl 2019
Panetta, Kevin, writer.
Bloom / written by Kevin Panetta ; artwork by Savanna Ganucheau.
First edition.
Q:  Science
QC173.59 .S65 R6813 2018
Rovelli, Carlo, 1956- author.
[Ordine del tempo. English]
The order of time / Carlo Rovelli ; translated by Erica Segre and Simon Carnell.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
RC438 .F613 2006
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984.
[Histoire de la folie áa l'ãage classique. English]
History of madness / Michel Foucault ; edited by Jean Khalfa ; translated by Jonathan Murphy and Jean Khalfa.
New York : Routledge, Ã2006.
S:  Agriculture
SH365 .C2 B74 2015
Brennan, Summer.
The oyster war : the true story of a small farm, big politics, and the future of wilderness in America / Summer Brennan.
T:  Technology
U:  Military Science
UG626.2 .A76 W65 2010
Wolk, Herman S., 1931-2010.
Cataclysm : General Hap Arnold and the defeat of Japan / Herman S. Wolk.
Denton, Tex. : University of North Texas Press, Ã2010.
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science